Mayank Ruia heads the residential real estate business of Phoenix Mills. A graduate in Business Administration, he has a longstanding experience in the financial sector. With a residential development portfolio of nearly seven million square feet, Mayank Ruia is all geared to change the way people perceive luxury real estate.

Tell us about your personal contribution to the family business?

My entrepreneurial journey only began when I joined the Phoenix Group as the Development Director in June 2011. In this role, I have been responsible for the setting up of and the growth of the residential real estate business. As of now, Phoenix operates a residential development portfolio of nearly seven million square feet which is something we take much pride in. I will try my best to add to the already flourishing portfolio and take it ahead to new heights of success.

What are the highlights or milestone achievements of your entrepreneurial journey so far?

Understanding the nitty-gritties of the real estate business and launching our first project ‘One Bangalore West’ within a year of starting this journey has been an important milestone for me – it was a lot of work and it felt great to have achieved it within a year of my starting to work on it. The project was launched in September 2012 and has since risen to be a benchmark for residential real estate in Bangalore. It has been appreciated by one and all. Following the success of the One Bangalore West project was the launch of ‘Fountainhead’, our first residential product in Pune, which not only made a statement when it comes to luxury living but also is the best in the market in which it competes. Kessaku, our most exclusive product yet, is set to be unveiled in Bangalore very shortly, which is something we are all very excited about. One thing’s for sure, Kessaku will change the way people perceive what the very best of luxury real estate has to offer – this is someone everyone needs to watch out for.

Tell us more about ‘Fountainhead’?

Strategically located, Fountainhead is in close proximity to the central business district and all vital landmarks of Pune. Raising the bar of living are 86 exclusive and meticulously designed, apartments as well as duplexes. Fountainhead is poised to offer high-end condominiums built for a ready to move in customer with offerings never seen before in the city. Add to it the sheer convenience of Phoenix Marketcity, a golf course, the airport, as well as close proximity to the finest dining and entertainment options.

Who are the people that have inspired you in life?

Public figures such as Richard Branson and Andre Agassi have left their mark on me as they reached the pinnacle of success in their professions, whilst maintaining a clear perspective of what true joy in life was for them. I am very impressed and inspired by both of them. What they have done is commendable, as success can lead you astray sometimes, while they have always maintained their focus.

A learning in life that has helped you grow as an entrepreneur?

Life is about understanding the needs of others, as much as your own. Relationships are what matter most. These are certain basic rules in life which I feel every entrepreneur should live by.

What are the qualities required to be a successful entrepreneur?

I have much to learn and achieve before I can be classified as a successful entrepreneur. However, I believe thoughtfulness, respect for people’s time, patience, humility, hard work and enjoying what you do, are some of the key ingredients which are important for every human being and certainly are the essentials for an entrepreneur to be successful.